Daniel Wellington – The Perfect Christmas Gift

It’s that time of the year!

I don’t know about you but when I have no ideas of what to get for my beloved ones for Christmas, I always go for watches or jewelry.

This is actually the most recent gift I got my boyfriend for St. Nicholas. A classic black watch that he never took off since the day he opened the gift. Talking about opening gifts, you might have noticed that Daniel Wellington is offering complimentary gift wrapping, and the wrapping is pretty classy too.

No more worrying about trying to wrap it yourself, just pay for the watch and enjoy free wrapping. Also you can get a -15% discount if you use my code: bararadrianadelia.


complimentary gift wrapping

Before I got him this watch, I already one myself and I got many compliments for it. What I like best about Daniel Wellington is the super slim design. It makes it look much more elegant and it’s so comfortable to wear it so many hours. Other watches are pretty thick and that might not be very comfortable on the long run.

Another awesome thing, you can actually change the wristband with any other color you like. Just like that and you have a new watch.

You might say, ok but what if the person doesn’t wear watches? Well, you can always buy them a simple cuff, if it’s a woman. They are classy and elegant so basically you can match them with jeans and also a fancy dress.

Just check them out and see for yourself.

Daniel wellington Watch

So now that you’ve found the perfect gift for him, what are going to get for yourself? You do deserve a treat too?

Maybe you can get matching watches? That would be cool, right?


classic his hers set



classic wellington

classic black daniel wellington



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