How to decorate an attic bedroom

How to decorate an  attic bedroom?

Maybe you can get some ideas from my room.

Several years back, I painted my room in 3 colors, I thought it was really cool.

Actually it look crowded and dark, so I finally decided to redecorate everything, in 2013

I painted all the walls white to make it appear more spacious. I kept the dark details from the wooden beams that already matched the pattern on my bed and armschairs. I wanted a small square table in a lighter brown, like my wardrobe. I picked a big white mirror and all the other details should have been more vivid to make it fun. To visually separate the “bedroom” I picked an orange fringe curtain.

My favorite elements are the  glass flower globes that appear to be levitating over the table.

 revista casa si gradina


casa si gradina room tour

attic room decoration

attic room tour

room decoration flowers

diy wooden flower pot

glass bubbles flowers

ceramic doll clown

attic room furniture

fringe orange bedroom

levitating glass bubbles


designer workspace

simple attic room

attic room pet

lace curtain vase pot flower

Photos: Sorin Popa

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