Why Diamond Certification Is Important

Why Diamond Certification In Important

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When it comes to buying diamond jewelry, chances are, a diamond engagement ring will one of the biggest purchases you make. So, you will likely do loads of research, go window-shopping, and drop many hints to find out what your girlfriend likes. Even so, you may hesitate before making that purchase. While you should absolutely consider the 4Cs during this process, you should delve a little deeper and consider the 5th C – certification. By far, it’s the most important as it offers peace of mind that all the other Cs are what they are claimed to be!

The Certification Process

If you’re on the hunt for the right diamond jewelry, it’s worth understanding that certified diamonds have been scientifically measured and also evaluated for the 4Cs along with a range of other characteristics. It has to be guaranteed conflict free as well. During the certification process, gemologist, located in laboratories, use high-tech microscopes and a range of other instruments to measure and study a diamond’s:



diamond ring

The labs are operated independently of retailers, dealers, and even the diamond minds, so they are able to provide an unbiased evaluation of a diamond. Each diamond is examined separately by a number of gemologists who then assign grades that are reliable, accurate, and consistent.

Based on the findings, the lab then issues a written report to accompany the diamonds. Diamond certifications and reports can vary among labs in terms of information and finer details. But, grading reports usually include a line diagram of a diamond from the side and top views as well as a chart that details:

Inclusion levels
Colour grades

Some diamonds, during the certification process, are enhanced with pressure, heat, or even lasers to improve their clarity or colour. It is essential that such treatments appear on the certificate, but Simon West Fine Jewellery also provides exceptional one-on-one private consultations.

Certificates from Independent Laboratories

There is a wide variety of independent labs that also issue grading reports and certificates. These include:

Gemological Science International
International Gemological Institute
American Gem Society Laboratories

Always Get a Warrant with the Certificate

Besides the all-important diamond certificate, if you are buying a diamond engagement ring, or any diamond jewelry for that matter, make sure your piece comes with a warranty. If it doesn’t, there should be the option for you to purchase one. Just like when you buy a car warranty, you will need to do a little regular maintenance to keep the jewelry secure and sparkling, and to keep it under warranty.

While diamonds may be the hardest material known to man, they can still break or chip. When you have a warranty, you can bring the piece to the jewellery to inspect and repair it. It’s also the perfect opportunity to have the jewellery cleaned and polished.


Making sure you have a warranty and, of course, a diamond certificate, are essential precautions when purchasing diamond jewellery. Always buy from a source who does offer both and is committed to making a diamond purchase one of the happiest purchases you make!




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