Diet Diary -Day 1

So I started today the Oshawa detox Diet. It is probably one of the most drastic diets but with  great benefits for the mind and body. You will have more  energy, better complexion, digestion, and overall health and mood improvement. It is good even if you don’t have any health problems, just for detox two times a year, a 10 day diet. If you are interested in more info on this diet, search on google Oshawa Diet  by Dr. George Oshawa.(don’t want to bore you with too much info.
In the next 10 days I will be eating just rice, wheat, buckwheat and millet,(Yang energy cereals) prepaired just with water and a bit of salt(raw, boiled, fried, cooked ). No more coffee, so I will drink green tea, no sugar, no honey, no lemon.
I will keep you up to date with how it goes. My first meal is just below.
Have you tried this diet?
Deci azi am inceput dieta de detoxifiere a doctorului Oshawa. Este probabil cea mai drastica dieta , dar care are numeroase efecte pozitive asupra corpului si mintii. Veti avea mai multa energie, pofta de viata, ten mai curat, digestie mai buna, in general o imbunatatire a sanatatii , dar si  a dispozitiei. Este indicata si persoanelor care nu sufera de nici o boala; tinuta 10 zile de doua ori pe an. Pentru mai multe informatii cautai pe google, dieta Oshawa  dezvoltata de Dr George Oshawa.(nu vreau sa va plictisesc cu prea multa info).
In urmatoarele 10 zile voi manca doar orez, grau, mei si hrisca.(cereale cu energie yang) preparate in orice fel si combinate in orice cantitati, dar nu se poate adauga decat sare si apa. Nu am voie cafea, deci voi bea ceai verde, fara zahar, miere sau lamaie.
Va voi povestii cum decurge dieta. Prima mea masa este chiar aic jos.
Voi ati incercat aceasta dieta?

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