DIY chain fedora hat

 I am back with the tutorial I told you about. Here is how I did my own chain fedora hat that is similar to the one zara, but this way you will save some money  that you can use to buy something you can’t really make.
All you need is a simple hat, in any color , I wanted mine black , some chain, pliers, thread and a long needle.You should measure your hat first so that you know how much chain you need.
Start by sewing the chain to the hat getting every 3-4 mails so that you ensure a good fix. You can also pin it first , it could be easier..
Once you get to the end, get the pliers and detach  some mails so that it would be an exact fix.
That’s all!
Easy, fast, cheap.
Would you try it?
Am revenit cu tutorialul promis si va dezvalui felul in care am reusit eu sa imi fac palaria sa fie similara cu cea de la zara. In acest fel reusiti sa economisiti niste banii cu care puteti cumpara ceva ce chiar rnu puteti face singuri.
Aveti nevoie de o palaria, orice culoare, eu am vrut neagra, un lant destul de lat, patent, ata si ac de cusut.
Incepeti prin a coase lantul de palarie fixand tot a 3-4 za pentru ca lantul sa stea egal peste tot. Se poate prinde in prima faza doar cu ace, ar putea fi mai usor de cusut. 
Cand ati ajuns la capat luati patentul si inlaturati cate zale e nevoie pentru ca lantul sa fie fix.
Si e gata!
Simplu, ieftin si rapid.
Ati incerca?


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