DIY Embellished gloves


 So here is how I made my own embellished gloves similar to ones from yersterday’s post.
I took some old gloves from granny’s closet, textile color,a paint brush, some thread and neddle for sewing and rhinestones, spikes, pearls .
You can actually pick any decorations you like and mix them up.
First I painted some abstract lines on each glove and let it dry.
After that I glued the rhinestones, pearls and spikes as I wanted them to be later sewn; it’s much easier to sew them after if they stay in place.
If I would have added some lace trimmings a sewing machine might have come in handy. It works quicker and the result is flawless.
So this is it. Very simple and original . What do you think?
Sa va arat cum mi-am facut eu manusile asemanatoare cu cele prezentate in postul de ieri.
Am luat niste manusi vechi din dulapul bunicii, vopsea pentru textile, o pensula, ata si ac de cusut, cristale, perle si tepi. Voi puteti alege practic orice decoratiuni doriti si sa le combinati dupa bunul plac.
Prima data am pictat modelul dorit si l-am lasat la uscat. Apoi am lipit decoratiunile sub forma dorita; e mai simplu de cusut odata ce stau lipite la loc.
Sigata! Foarte simplu si original. Va place?










  1. De unde ai luat vopseaua pt textile si pe ce materiale se poate folosi? Mersi tare mult si apropo, sunt foarte frumoase:)

  2. Vopseaua am luat-o de la Hobby Shop, din Timisoara. In principiu merge pe toate textilele, dar nu pe toate tine la feld e mult. E mai mult pe incercate

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