DIY Lash Care: Removing Eyelash Glue Without Compromising Your Natural Lashes

Do you want to know how to remove eyelash glue without irritating your eyes? DIY lash care makes many people nervous, but it shouldn’t. You will learn to remove eyelash extensions without leaving white, gunky residue. And these tips are so simple anyone can do them.

4 Simple Tips

Baby Oil Works Like A Charm

There’s a reason it is called baby oil. It is safe and gentle on the skin. You can even use it on a baby’s butt without irritating it. Removing eyelash glue from your natural lashes is easy with baby oil. 

Get a cotton ball or swap and put some baby oil on it for this. Close your eyes and start gently wiping away all the leftover glue. 

The baby oil works because it has oil as a base. Oils are effective for removing lash glue, but for the same reasons, they should be avoided after applying or while wearing lash extensions. When oil comes in contact with the glue, its bonds are broken down. Breaking these bonds releases the glue from your natural lashes without pulling them out. 

If the cotton swap fails to remove all the white lash glue, you can try to remove the leftover pieces with tweezers gently. Ensure you have grabbed a glob of leftover glue rather than your natural lash. Yanking this out will likely hurt… A LOT. 

Makeup Remover Wipes

Baby oil can make you feel nasty. If you want an alternative to it for removing lash glue, consider using makeup remover wipes. These wipes contain chemicals that baby oil does not, so ensure you don’t get the liquid in your eyes. 

You will need to close your eyes tightly and rub very gently. Rubbing too hard can cause irritation and swelling. You can remove large amounts of eyelash glue quickly with this method. 

Use Oil Based Eye Creams

Eye creams are something we all have lots of. If you don’t have make-up remover wipes, you can use an eye cream that contains oil. You need to look at the ingredients in the cream. You can apply the cream to your eyelid and natural lashes if it has oil. You should not open your eyes while the cream is applied. Wait until it is removed well with water, then dry your eye before reopening it. 

The oil in the eye cream will cause the lash glue remover to slide off. Your natural lashes will remain intact using oil-based creams. 

Try Some Eye Drops

Who said eye drops are only for red or watery eyes? Removing false eyelashes can be infuriating if the glue doesn’t separate from natural lashes. You can’t pull off the glue until loosened unless you want to look like an off-set Kristen Stewart. 

Unlike the previous two methods, eye drops won’t cause eye irritation. You need to apply the eye drops on your natural lashes. Wait a minute, and then gently rub the lash glue with a Q-tip. Continue until all the lash glue has been removed. Afterward, you’ll have clean, natural lashes. 

Don’ts for Eyelash Extension Removal

Removing your eyelash extensions properly is crucial to avoid damaging your natural lashes. The right technique is key to ensuring your natural lashes remain healthy and intact. Here’s a list of ‘Don’ts’ to remember during the removal process:

  • Don’t Rush the Removal Process: Removing eyelash glue requires patience. Hurrying can lead to aggressive tugging, which not only risks damaging the lash follicles but also can cause premature shedding of your natural lashes.
  • Don’t Use Harsh or Unsafe Chemicals: Stick to products specifically designed for eye makeup and lash glue removal. Harsh chemicals can irritate or burn the sensitive skin around your eyes, potentially leading to allergic reactions or long-term damage.
  • Don’t Pull or Force the Lashes Off: Gently coax the lashes off, allowing the remover to do most of the work. Forcing or pulling can cause trauma to your natural lashes, including pulling them out or causing breakage.
  • Don’t Scrub Harshly While Cleaning Your Eyes: Treat the eye area with care. Excessive rubbing or scrubbing can weaken lashes and lead to fallout, not to mention it can stretch and damage the delicate skin around your eyes.
  • Don’t Use Oil-Based Products If Reapplying Lashes Soon: Oil can leave a residue that interferes with the adhesive of new lash applications. If you plan to reapply extensions soon, choose an oil-free remover.
  • Don’t Expose Your Lashes to High Heat or Steam During Removal: Extreme heat or steam can weaken your natural lashes and make them more susceptible to damage. Use lukewarm water and avoid direct heat or steam.
  • Don’t Ignore Signs of Irritation: If you experience any discomfort, redness, or swelling, stop the removal process immediately. Continued irritation could indicate an allergic reaction or injury, which would require professional attention.
  • Don’t Overuse or Misuse Lash Glue Removers: Follow the instructions for your lash glue remover carefully. Overuse or prolonged exposure can lead to dryness and brittleness of your natural lashes.
  • Don’t Neglect Post-Removal Care: After removing your extensions, nurture your natural lashes. A quality lash serum or natural oils like castor or almond oil can help replenish and strengthen them, promoting healthy growth and resilience.

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