DIY Mercury Glass

Metallic Vase-Vintage Feel

I saw these beauties a while ago on pinterest and wanted to try them out myself. First think I got was this vintage vase which was around 2 dollars, a real bargain.

I documented some ideas and made a short shopping list for what I needed to get started.


Shopping list:

  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  • White vinegar
  • Vase or vases
  • A cloth and some water
  • Looking glass spray or chrome


That’s all! Add a bit of time, passion and creativity to it

mercury glass


Step by Step

1. Clean your vase and spray a mist of half water half white vinegar

2.Then spray  a thin coat of your looking glass spray. I used chrome spray paint.

3. After 30 seconds to even 1 minutes, wipe of the water droplets.

4. Repeat several times until you’ve got the results you wanted. You can also spray a thin coat of transparent spray color to be sure it stays on.


Because I realized I could actually also as a candle holder or just for electric lights in this super cute mercury glass vase.

Having those small transparent part, having lights inside will just make everything a bit more classy.


EXTRA TIP: For more diversity, use copper spray and try out a similar idea. I will use it on a crackled vase, to check how it could out this way.


diy mecury stained glass

I really love how it turned. It’s a very modern yet very vintage piece of decoration.

If I would do it again, I would try to spray copper spray again.I am sure it will look simply amazing.

Old meets knew in the best combination ever on the simplest vase.

Would you try it out? Would you choose copper or gold?


diy vintage painted vase

mercury vase

BAD_6015 (Copy) BAD_6022 (Copy)

I also did a small DIY with eggs, but you will see tutorial only a few days before Easter. Very easy to do and yet interesting. so why not surprise your guests with some DIY crafty details from your home. I am not sure if the eggs are eatable because of the dye, but they sure look very nice.


mercury glass with lilght

As for the lights, I got mini diamond light from Lidl. It looked really nice and it could grow fast, but I think they are stuck a bit.

BAD_6065-3 (Copy)

mercury glass


What do you say? Keep them or not?

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