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I missed this post last Saturday because I way away on vacation, shame on me, but here it is back now.

The weather is  colder and colder, here it rained almost all week . I tend to pick dark outfits , boots and hats on such days, anything comfortable goes. But well, what bightens your day more than a colorful outfit? Don’t you feel better when you’ve spend some time fixing yourself up?

I bet it does count, so here is some inspiration for the next week.

Am ratat acest post sambata trecuta pentru ca am fost plecata, si sa imi fie rusine pentru asta:)) Dar acum am revenit si am pregatit postarea mult asteptata.

Vremea e tot mai aiurea, se face frig, aici a plouat aproape toata saptamana. Eu am tendinta de a alege tinute cenusii, inchise la culoare, ghete si palarii mai ales cand ploua. Ideea e sa fie super comod si sa imi tina de cald. Dar totusi, o tinuta colorata ne face ziua mai senina, iar dupa ce am stat  ceva in fata oglinzii pentru a ne aranja ne simtim si mai bine, nu?

Toate astea conteaza , si sper ca fotografiile de mai jos sa va inspire pentru saptamana ce vine.

michael kors brown bag

Larisa Costea-

blue silk top crocodile celine bag

Laura Maxim-

red midi skirt black heels

Andreea Balaban-

knee high boots chiffon dress

Laura Ch-

lace dress warm sweater rain boots

Roxana Cherei-


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