Fashion Trends

 This Friday I went to a select cafe named Cafe de Paris for an autumn trends fashion show.
The place was really beautiful, very chic interior design and cozy atmosphere. The chairs were not so comfortable, but they looked great:) I was a bit upset that the show strated much later than announced, but people didn’t hurry to the event so it couldn’t start before everyone got there.
I have to say I was really dissapointed in the shoes collection designed by Mircea Florea-GLIDE. The leather/fabrics used were not great at all, ugly I might say and the design didn’t compliment the legs. Besides all this, it wasn’t really a collection, and the general line for the design didn’t exist.
Leaving this aside, the clothing collection reunited in Atelier 58 boutique was really nice. A simple yet chic line that is just perfect for a casual autumn outfit or for a special cocktail party, you had many special items to chose from. The designers behind that store are: M.D. Burnette, Elena Puiu and Adelina Balut. Hairstyles by Wish Studio  and  models from Red Angels Models agency.
Mircea Florea-GLIDE

Atelier 58

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