A Feeric story and the symptoms of a fashion blogger

Am pornit greu de dimineata… ca fetele, la noi dureaz amai mult si am cam tras de timp pana la 11. Pe drum, ne-am zapacit de cap cu urcatul si coboratul de pe autostrada, dar culmea e ca am ajuns la timp. Ne-am oprit direct la cetate pentru ca Roxana avea repetitii si machiaj asa ca am lasat-o aoclo si noi ne-am dus la hotel sa ne pregatim tinutele pentru seara, si sa ne aranjam putin. Eu mi-am luat rochia si tocurile la “pachet”ca nu vroiam sa ma topesc in ea pana seara la show si m-am schimbat in masina:)))

Dupa ce am imbracat fetele,Ioana s-a dus in public,iar noi ne-am aliniat frumos si am asteptat cuminti sa inceapa showul. Vorbeam cu Roxana si una din modele( nu mai stiu cum te cheama:( ) despre varsta, ea fiind mult mai mica ca mine si zic na, tu esti mica, dar mult mai inalta.( ironic) La care ea incearca sa fie draguta si zice, da, dar eu port tocuri, de aia:))) Culmea, si eu purtam tocuri in acel moment. A fost super amuzant si numai bine ne-am destins putin inaite de a intra pe scena.

Fetele au defilat si era momentul sa o iau pe Roxana de mana si sa mergem pe podium, aveam emotii. Scena, multe luminii si parca nu se mai termina. Un moment Feeric!

 Multumesc tuturor pentru ca ati facut acest eveniment impecabil!

Nu ne-am mai dus la after party ca eram rupte de oboseala, asa ca direct le hotel.

Dimineata abia ne-am trezit ca sa ajungem la micul dejun, putin tarziu, 9 30. Ne-am intors apoi in camera si Ioana ainceput sa se aranjeze. V-am zis ca are toate simptomele unei adevarate fashion bloggerite?

Sa va povestesc:

1.Isi aranjeaza parul de fiecare data cand iese din masina, asta dupa ce se rujeaza.

2. Tinuta ei trebuie sa fie perfect accesorizata si tot timpul isi pune in bagaje mai multe decat are nevoie pentru ca poate vrea sa poarte fix bluza aia!

3. Isi cumpara pantofi  si pentru simplul motiv ca ii plac, chiar daca poate nu ii va purta niciodata.

4. Kitul ei de  cosmetice este compus din produse nou aparute pe piata, si e la curent cu ultimele tendinte. Ambalajele dragute sunt vitale!

5. A lasat Mall-ul pentru cumparaturile online!

Eu zic ca boala e acolo, mai trebuie doar sa isi faca blog, nu?

Revenind la poveste,… Ne-am dus la Mall, sa aruncam o privire si am gasit o pereched e sandale superbe, din piele la 70 lei in Benvenuti, a trebuit sa le iau! Ioana la Leonardo a gasit sandale cu talpa de lemn, perfecte pentru vara!

Apoi am cautat un restaurant frumos in centru si am gasit unul dragut. SIngurii clienti… dar servirea lasa de dorit. Chelnerita mi-a zis ca nu imi poate schimba Spaghetele arrabiata cu penne sau tagliatelle pentru ca nu ii iese ei bine bonul…..deci nu conteaza ce vrea clientul…. Apoi salata mea greceasca( nu a am citit ingredientele), avea sunca si oua…ca si cea bulgareasca…. cartofii copti cu rozmarin erau de fapt pre-fierti si prajiti in tigaie cu ulei….Am ramas cu un gust amar.

Ne-am intors la cetate pentru gala, in primul rand.

Plin de batranei simpatici sau nu prea,cu pungi de seminte , cola la pachet si veste de fas. Nu intelegeau ca locurile erau rezervate ……Show-ul a fost superb! Apoi la afterparty nu am stat mult. Era intuneric si muzica prea tare asa ca am ieist afara. In drum spre hotel am dus-o si pe Ecaterina care avea dimineata examen. A avut si ea o excursie cu peripetii ca s-a urcat in alt tren, Bine ca a ajuns bine si la timp pana la urma.

In ultima zi am luat-o la pas prin cetate sa vizitam, iar dupa masa ne-am pornit la drum inapoi spre casa, dar a trebuit sa ne oprim sa facem si o poza in lanul de floarea soarelui!

A fost un drum placut, si usor, mai ales pentru Roxana care a dormit:))

Imi pare rau ca nu m-am sincronizat cu fetele sa ne vedem pe acolo, tot in alte parti eram:(

Cu alta ocazie sigur ne vedem!

So we had a late start in Saturday morning,,, like girls, everything takes time, so we left around 11. Of course on the way, we were a bit confused with all the get on get off the highway stuff , but in a weird way we actually got there on time.

We stopped at the fortress to see what the plan was. Roxana had to get there around 2 for rehearsals and make-up.

We went to the hotel for the check in and to refresh a bit, my show was later that evening.

We changed, fixed the make-up and back to the fortress. I got my spare dress with me because I didn’t want to melt in that before the show.

The show was about to start,Ioana went in the audience and I was backstage with the girls, dressing them up. Funny thing: Me, Roxana and one of the models(forgot your name, sorry:( ) were talking before going on stage. She asked us about our age, she was much younger than us, but I pointed out that she was taller than me. She tried to be nice and said, well don’t worry, I am wearing heels… funny I was wearing heels too:))) She didn’t notice, but I really enjoyed that moment,distressing a bit.

The show was amazing! Great stage, lights and beautiful girls, perfect! Loved every second! Feeric Fashion Days rocks!

We were too tired to go to the after party, so back to the hotel.

The next day, we barely woke up to have breakfast at 9 30.We wanted to visit a bit, go to the mall and then go to see the shows.. It took some time until Ioana was ready, she is a perfectionist and yes, she has all the symptoms of a fashion blogger to be.

Let me tell you  a bit:

1.Fixes her hair everytime she gets out of the car,right before she puts some lipstick on.

2. Her outfit must be perfectly accessorized and she always pack more than she needs just maybe she will want to wear something else.

3. She buys shoes just because they look good even if she might just not wear them

4. Her beauty kit  consists of the latest products out and she always picks the cutest packaging.

5. She ditched the mall for online shopping.

So all she needs now is to start her own blog because the “disease” is there. Agree?

Back to the story…

We went to the mall, not for shopping but to look around. Of course we couldn’t help ourselves and we both got some cool shoes. I found some leather sandals at Benvenuti for20$ and Ioana some cool wodden sandals at Leonardo.

Then searched for a restaurant….found a nice place up in the centre, but well, we were the only clients. The waitress was unprofessional because I asked to change the pastas and she said she couldn’t…. then I got a greek salad that had ham and eggs in it( I didn’t look at the ingredients because everywehere else, the greek salad was vegetarian) , and some baked potatoes that surely were preboiled and fired in a pan, not baked…. bad service anyway

. Front row at the gala, with some anoying old people around that didn’t want to understand that those seats were reserved for people that had invitations….

The show was great and then we went to the after party. Very dark, loud music, we went outside to be able to hear ourselves. We didn’t stay much because we were tired and on our way to the hotel, we took Ecaterina to the train station. She had her own funny trip because she took the wrong train back. But finally she got home, safe and on time for the exam.

The last day was about visiting the fortress and surroundings. We took a long walk and tool many pictures. Then packed and back to Timisoara! Stopped for a sunflower field selfie and we actually got home early. A  fun trip  with great people!





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