How to fix a stained top-TUTORIAL

How to fix a stained top is something clumsy people like should know.

If you know me really well, I am one of the most clumsiest person ever when it comes to eating or drinking something because there is always a chance of 99% that I will spill even if just a bit  on myself.

So here is an idea of what I will do if I would stain my top . If it won’t come out after washing it of course.

I was wearing a silk top, so textile colors would be a perfect idea for the project.

I will let you see the clip and I want to know how do you fix your stained clothes?

Daca ma cunoasteti bine, deja stiti ca sunt foarte neindemanatica cand trebuie sa beau sa mananc ceva cu grija pentru ca mereu sunt sanse de peste 99% sa dau pe mine.

Asa ca am pregatit un tutorial despre cum sa va reparati bluza patata, in cazul asta cu afine.(daca nu iese la spalat evident)

Eu purtam o bluza din matase naturala, deci varianta cu vopsea textila e perfecta in acest caz.

Sper sa va placa clipul si poate imi dati si voi cateva sfaturi. Cum va  reparati hainele patate?

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