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Gym wear wishlist – boost your motivation


Summer is right around the corner and I need to get back in shape after giving birth so I made a short wishlist with some cool gym wear that will boost my motivation for working out.

Especially if you are breastfeeding you will need a good top that would be both comfortable and will offer good support without being too tight. Pick bright colors and fine fabrics to ensure a perfect experience. Over the top, you could sport a loose T-shirt or yoga top that will hide your extra kg around the waistline.

Yoga pants could be a great pick for your workouts. Comfortable(be sure to get the right size) ,snug and flattering if you pick the right design. Prints are cool but they might just make you look a bit bigger than you actually are.

gym wear



Pink Jacket


Printed sweatshirt

Fun hoodies and track jackets  are ideally for colder weather when you need to keep yourself warm so that you won’t catch a cold.

And the secret to having a slim waistline in no time is actually wearing a waist trainer. I wore one since the second day after giving birth and I could see an instant difference. It does really help when you want to have a flat belly, especially after having a baby.

flower printed

Flower printed leggings

mesh leggings

Mesh leggings

waist trainer

Waist trainer


Yoga T-shirt

So are you ready to get back in shape? It’s never to late to keep that new year’s resolution. You owe it to yourself.


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