Gray Coat and Purple Hat-Waiting for Spring


Styling an all gray-black look

On this cold weather, wearing gray is almost a standard setting. By default we choose dark colors to blend in with the suroundings, we are affraid to put a touch of color, not sure why. I see myself putitng together dark or neutral looks when I should go for bright colors that would make everything more cheerful. This time I put a cherry on top, my new hat , a gift from Ioana. I couldn’t leave it simple, so I sew some ribbons and metallic decorations on it. Love it?


Cum inveselim o tinuta in nuante de gri si negru

Pe vremea asta alegem culori mohorate, nuante de gri , de cele mai multe ori fara sa vrem. Parca suntem setati sa mergem pe nuante inchise, desaturate, si ne camuflam pe un  fundal urban.  In loc sa aleg culori, sa imi inveselesc tinuta, ma vad doar in nuante inchise. De data asta insa, am pus cireasa pe tort, mai exact noua mea palarie de la Ioana, pe care nu am putut sa o las simpla si i-am aplicat niste decoratiuni. Va place?


gray coat diy purple hat

Coat: Here/ Hat: Gift+DIY / Shoes: Here / Skirt: B.A.D. style / Bag: Michael Kors/ Watch: Fossil


diy purple hat


gray coat diy purple hat



gray coat diy purple hat


fossil white georgia leather


gray coat diy purple hat


michael kors mini flap bag

ray-ban clubmaster


Photos by Veres Krisztian


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