Green Boots

Bold Choies? Try Green Boots

These are probably not the first things you would go for, but green boots really stand out of the crowd

 Even if green is a very tolerated color when it comes to clothing and accessories, you  would rarely see people sporting green footwear.

Not Grass Green

No! I wasn’t referring to that weird, strikingly shade of green. I mean a pastel hue, a deep green, some camo tones maybe. Surely, there are  shoes that might look really beautiful in neon green, but the design should be very simple. Like some stiletto heels, simple strapped sandals or flat sneakers.

How to Style Green Boots?

You might think, what could I wear them with? It’s more simple than it looks. If you choose sandy greens like these, you should treat them like neutrals. Add paste l tones like yellows, oranges, beige or maybe even a bold red, deep violet or the classic black and white mix. You have to be careful with the balance here because even if the shades are pretty faded, they are still unusual, so your look will stand out anyway. Take this aspect into consideration when picking out accessories and jewelry. Don’t overcrowd the look because you will destroy the effect you wanted to create in the first place.

Best Buy

There are two things to consider when buying green boots. If you are not sure about investing in such a pair, try on several designs and the one you like. Buy them on sale so you won’t ever regret ever thinking of owning such an item. The other thing to consider is waiting for sales before taking any decision. Because they have such an unusual color, odds are that they won;t sell like hot bread, so finding your size on sale is very close to reality.


But if you are confident you really love this color, go ahead and invest in a real leather pair or suede for a more elegant look. Who’s gonna stop you?

tall green boots

Over the Knee Green Boots

green boots

Ankle Boots

fringed green boots

So which is you favorite? I would vote for Gabby and Kensington right here. love these edgy shades!

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