How to choose sunglasses

Most of us use sunglasses in summer to protect our eyes from the sunlight, but we also want 
 to look chic by wearing them.
But did you know that the lens color doesn’t have only an aesthetic purpose?
Besides the frame type which you should pick according to your face shape, the lens color is also important when you pick your glasses. Why? Because the tint could help you see better in different situations. And I made a short summary below with different kinds of lenses and what they are good for.
Dark grey/smoke lenses/green : are considered neutral. They the most popular for general use because they reduce glare and provide comfort for the entire day . They reduce ultraviolet light up to a safe level.
Dark amber or brown tints: they have a warmer, slightly  brighter lens than gray. Perfect for couldy days and diffused light conditions because they block blue light.  Brown and amber can improve contrast and depth  perception , reduce glare and it’s great for changeable weather patterns.
Yellow lens tints: They improve contrast, reduce glare and preserve sharpness. Chose a high intensity tint for great sight perception when driving in low light conditions. Perfect for overcast, haze or fog conditions. 
Rose lens: Blocks blue light by this improving contrast. Offers high contrast but it’s also very soothing to the eyes and improves road visibility. It seems many people pick rose tinted lenses because the are comfortable  for all day use.
Blue Lens: is actually a contrast lens that reduces glare from visible white light , such as light reflected from mist, fog, snow or water. 
Mirror lenses: Are great for blocking glare without changing color perception 
Because I drive daily and my eyes are sensitive, I pick mostly Ray-Ban sunglasses because I love their style, comfort and also in my opinion they have the best lens colors.
How do you pick your sunglasses? 


  1. Multa vreme, nu mi-am cumparat ochelari de soare pentru ca purtam ochelari de vedere si in mintea mea era o idee care-mi spunea ca nu pot sa am un 2 in 1. Dupa lupte seculare mi-am achizitionat ochelarii de soare cu dioptrii. Am fost cea mai fericita. Bineinteles ca mai am si un set fara dioptrii, dar pe aceia nu-i port niciodata la volan. Sunt convinsa ca ti-ai dat seama de ce.

    Zadin ♥♥♥

    • Eu aleg sa port lentile de contact si ochelari de soare normali. Mi-e mai comod si vad mai bine in varianta asta:p

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