How to Eat Healthy at Work

Fast and Easy recipe for Work


Changing my life at the beginning of this way  meant I would change my entire lifestyle. Overall it was a great thing, except the eating at work part. For the first month I used to order out with my colleagues, but I started to feel the food wasn’t really nurturing and it was really different from what I would make at home from fresh ingredients. I gained some extra kg but I plan on getting them off ASAP. For this I started a juice diet that I will tell you all about in a future post.

Since I noticed that I put some weight on, the first step was to see where the problem was and it was easy. So as we have a cool kitchen at work,  cooking would be fast and easy.

Besides the fresh grounded coffee in the morning, a real delight,  a cup of hot water with lemon would actually be the first thing to drink .

Talking about eating, I started to pick some of my favorite recipe that are fast and easy to make.

Vegetables cream soup made at home the evening before and just heated a bit at work. Some croutons and fresh herbs would spice it up. Fast flat bread pizza is one of our favorite dish for work. We just add our favorite vegetables and fruits like: arugula, mango,  peppers, tomatoes, onions and a dash of spicy sauce and cheese on top. Throw them in the oven for 5 min and they are done.

Fresh salads are now the main thing we eat because everything is so fresh and light. The market is just 2 min away by foot and making a salad wuld take about 10 min.

Tomato bruschetta  made with fresh ingredients . Sweet tomatoes, herbs and some virgin olive oil, plus extra garlic. Stinky but so good.

Flatbread wraps that we toast in the sandwichmaker. Just add the ingredients you like and toast them up a bit.

You will surely love them. everything takes under 20 minutes so that you can enjoy your lunch break.

What would you eat at work?

vegetable cream soup

fast flat bread pizza

how to eat healthy at work

hot sandwitch wraps


tomato bruschetta

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