How to Make an Easy Mohawk-Ponytail

Festival Inspired Hairdo

I told you in a previous post that I had to improvise a fast festival look for the Sziget Festival a few weeks. I thought it would be hard not having any styling tools with me, only my tangle teezer brush and a few pins, but I found an inspiring picture on instagram and started experimenting.

Here a simple step by step chart on how to get the look.

It’s not very even because I didn’t have any combs so I could draw a straight line, but we all know that a festival style shouldn’t be very even or with a clean finish.

Would you try it?

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festival braid


Separate your hair in two parts(the upper part shouldn’t be as thick as the lower part.

The bottom part should be put of in a simple ponytail while the upper part would be teased a bit to create volume.

You don’t have to know how to braid very well ,you can simply put sections of hair from the left and right one over the other. Then finish it with a braid to the end and tie it up with a thin elastic. Now take the braid and cover the part where the ponytail was tied and fix in with some pins. For a cool finish, start pulling sections of hair from the upper braid in order to create a messy mohawk. I am sure you will do much better than me because I can’t really braid my own hair:))

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