How to pick black lace up heels

We all love heels and lace up details are very fashionable, yet, it’s pretty hard to find the right pair so I’ve thought you might be interested in short guide on how to pick black lace up heels.

Basically the problem around lace up heels is that If you don’t have super thin ankles or you haven’t yet mastered the art of buying shoes for your  silhouette, you might end up looking like you squeezed some sausages in your new heels, and you surely don’t want that to happen.

Rules for picking black lace up heels

Actually the color doesn’t matter that much, unless they are very close to your skin color, which might help in your favor.

black laced up heels
  1. Try them on. There are rules, but they don’t always apply so be sure that if you found a design you like, try them on first.What doesn’t suit some, might just flatter your leg figure so don’t be fooled.
  2. Emphasize the ankle. They key is to find a design that will make your ankle look smaller not the other way around. So either you look for a lace up design that will tie up right on your ankle or something else that might contrast with it.
  3. Thin lace up designs are a better choice rather than wide ones. Wide lace up heels will not flatter your legs but they might feels more comfortable. If you think slim lace ups will feel uncomfortable then, try to look at and feel the fabric they are made of. Soft fabric will be a betther choice rather than tough leather. Satin or velvet might also be a good choice
laced up heels
source: Left Right

Long versus short lace up heels

There can be a whole debate on this subject. So I will just pin point my idea on this. Short is better but if you want long laced up heels , than do it all the way up to your knee.   Intermediate lengths will make your legs look shorter than they really are so try to use these details in  your advantage.

long laced up heels
Source: Left Right

Still, I prefer simple ankle straped sandals rather than lace up heels just because they are more comfortable and more figure flattering.

nude laced up heels
source: Black Nude

So which side are you on? Strappy heels or simple sandals?

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