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Quote Tops-Never Overrated


You can never go wrong with a funny/ sarcastic text top. The simple jeans, white T-shirt, leather jacket look will surely be a bit more spicy if you add some humor to it, so why not go for such a top?

The inspiration for this top came accidentally, because it seems I can work my karma magic if I try hard. Step on my tail and you get BAD karma as a bonus because what goes around comes around and I will surely be watching you!

To make this look more fun, I matched it with a dark red tulle skirt and some patent leather punk inspired boots. Fun, girly but not to quirky!

Many people asked if these boots are comfortable because they look very sturdy and heavy. On the contrary, they are light and very, very comfortable. I could walk miles in them. Without exaggerating, I think they are probably the second or third most comfortable pair of shoes I own. Thinking of getting them in another color too.

What do you say? Should they be black or navy?

Which would you pick?


leather jacket fashion

Jacket: Mango / Top: B.A.D. style / Skirt: B.A.D. style / Sunglasses: Dior / Boots: Why Denis

puffy tulle skirt

funny top tulle skirt rock chic dior frozen sunglasses

 rock chic look tutu skirt

marsala patent leather boots

fashion quotes top

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