Making of…SANCTUAR -part II

Just a preview of what happend today. A funny MAKING OF……..
Woke up early in the morning….too early I might add, and very cold…..
But I do not regret it at all, the light was perfect and the shooting fun. I think everyone had a great time, without mentioning the freezing part.
Enjoy the pictures for now, a new post later with the final pictures made in the studio last time.

 And it was really cold…

Bad timming

 Say hello to the fluffy camera
Focus people!

 What are you looking at??

 Say what?
 Our trustworthy assistent Flavius-who isn’t really afraid of heights, just like me:)))

Can we please have an autograph? NO! Only after the show:P

And the sun came out shining,………but still cold 😐

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