How to match shoes and bags

    I bet the first thing that popped into your mind is that my boots don’t match my bag. Well, you are kind of right. If you take the boots and bag separately, the mix looks weird, but if you  look at it as an outfit, it works.

I rarely really match them because being I find that really boring. The only time I do that,  is when my entire outfit is very contrasting, with many prints, or volumes that already draw attention, so I temper the look by matching the shoes to the bag.

If you want to try this idea, but you don;t have an idea where to start,  try look at details. If you have black shoes, get a printed bag with black details, or match it to your watch for instance. focuse on details and try to play.

How do you match your shoes and bags?

Sunt sigura ca primul lucru care v-a trecut prin cap e ca de fapt nici nu mi se potrivesc cizmele cu geanta, ceea ce e si adevarat la prima vedere. Daca le luam separat sunt clar din alt film, dar privind intreaga tinuta, se creeaza o legatura. Iar una din legaturi este ceasul, care are nuanta gentii , dar si aerul de vintage-bronz de la cizme.

Foarte rar imi  asortez geanta la pantofi pentru ca mi se pare banal. In cazul in care tinuta e deja incarcata, cu printuri, volume, detalii, atunci aleg sa o temperez cu o geanta si pantofi asortati.

Daca vreti sa incercati , dar nu stiti de unde sa incepeti,luati-o usor uitandu-va la detalii. Daca pantofii sunt negri, luati o geanta cu printrui, sau in mai multe nuante, dar avand si ceva detaliu pe negru . Cusaturi colorate, insertii, toate acestea va pot ajuta in alegerea genatii, sau a pantofului de asortat.

Voi cum va asortati?

lace detail shorts

colors texture mix

Hat: Here

Top: Here

Shorts: DIY

Bag: Here

lace detail shorts

best light for photos

summer outfit

Photos by Veres Krisztian


  1. buna intrebarea ta! 🙂 Eu ma asortez dupa cum imi vine!:))) Well imi plac super mult pantalonasii tai! 😉

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