Men’s Nursing Shoes – For Increased Comfort and Efficiency

Primarily, clothing serves the purpose of covering one’s nakedness. It further shields and protects the body from the elements.

Additionally, it serves more than just the basic purpose of protecting the body, it’s also a way of making a fashion statement. Thus, a whole industry and brands are built off this, where clothing’s and its accompanying accessories are designed and made for this sole purpose.

However, certain types of clothing’s and accessories are made for people who work in certain professions. The style and design of these styles of clothing and accessories allow for more comfort for the wearer as the person performs the normal daily routines and duty of their profession.

An example is the nursing shoes

What are these Shoes?

These are footwear that are designed to be very comfortable, providing the wearer with a high level of comfortable mobility and support. The target customer in this case is the nurse whose daily functions entails a lot of standing and moving around. You can find out more about this footwear here.

Traditionally, it is not made to be fashionable or fancy as that wasn’t the primary consideration during its production. However, new offerings from various brands now seek to add to its primary purpose some fashion infusion.

Nursing Shoes for Men

It would seem that most of these wears are designed mainly for the women folk. However, as a man, you can still get their own products in the market and there are lots of suitable designs and products out there for you.

Now, though this footwear for the both sexes might look a bit similar, there are quite some subtle difference in structure and design. Yes, there are actually nursing shoes for men only just as with other types of footwear. The difference might not look like much, but it may make a whole lot of difference as it concerns your comfort.

A careful search will definitely yield you one that suits you perfectly. You will probably find more than just one.

Types of Nursing Shoes

There are four main categories of these kinds of shoe available in the market, they are

  1. Clogs: These are comfortable shoes designed to protect the feet while providing the right arch support for the heels. They are usually designed to have closed toe areas and an open back with a strap by the side to prevent it from slipping off.
  2. Crocs: These are made from strong resin foam that is mostly designed in such a way that its front is a closed vent air portal with a closed heel area. They will however have air vents in them to allow for air flow. This type is usually not preferred by nurses as they do not provide the best protection against infections.
  3. Athletic Shoes: With this type of footwear, there is a perfect balance reached for the wearer between comfort and the ability to perform while wearing it. It protects the feet from bruising when it hits a hard surface. You are also able to keep up with your daily office work routine more easily no matter how stressful.
  4. Casual Shoes: As the name implies, these are casual wears for those who do not spend much time on their feet during their working hours. It is still a comfortable wear and very casual while also being creatively designed and catchy to the eyes. If you want to stay trendy and casual while at work, this is the best bet for you.

Factors to Consider When Making a Choice

The following are the basic considerations that you should look out for when about to choose one

  1. Durability: It should be durable, at least to serve its purpose within a reasonable timeframe.
  2. Foot Protection: It should be able to protect from a wide variety of things. As part of its protective functions, it should also provide traction especially considering that there are bound to be spills around the place. This ensures that the wearer will not slip and fall easily.
  3. Should Be Lightweight: It shouldn’t be heavy on the foot considering that the wearer would have to be in motion a lot of the time.
  4. Easily Cleanable: It should be very easy to clean up after use. This also means that it shouldn’t be those types of shoes that easily pick up dirt.

You can read more about these features here:


The job of a nurse is that of great service. It involves a lot of walking around in other to meet one requirement or the other and these can all be quite stressful. This is even more so for the male nurses who many times have to do a lot of heavy lifting.

You can make your job easier for you by ensuring you get for yourself the right footwear.

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