New look in 1,2, 3

A quick makeover that will turn heads around . The best thing is that you won’t have to keep it for long if you get tired of it. What I am talking about? Hair extensions of course.  You  have brittle hair that might get damaged from so many hair products? Then cut it a bit shorter than you might want it so that it stays healthy and shinny. If you really want long hair, but can’t grow it as fast as you would like, the alternative is the remy hair weave.  What I find really useful and handy about them is that you can easily take them off , wash them and then style the hair as you want. Extensions will keep their shape and color longer than your natural hair.

The most simple alternative is using clip in hair extensions that will surely make you look fantastic without having to style your hair for hours.


If you are just like me and want to color your hair in more than one shade at a time and change it every 3 months, then you think you might have a problem if you choose extensions. If you think that you will have to buy new extensions everytime you change you colors, you are wrong. Why? Because you can easily dye them in any color you want. You can get blonde extensions and color them red, pink, orange or any other color. You can even use colored shampoo on them because they work as your real hair.

The price is good too because you get thick long extensions that will last you many years if you take care of them.




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