New woman in town-T’esha by Diana Tatucu

 As I said before, we went out for a little adventure last Sunday. It was a warm sunny day, perfect for some constructive fun.
The team here: 
Designer: Diana Tatucu-T’esha
Make up- Andreea Stan
Model: Andreea Isabela
Photographer(just for fun): Adriana Delia Barar(me)
Photo assistents: Diana Tatucu , Andreea Stan, having fun with their new friend “Blenda”
Special thanks to : Sorin Popa- for trusting us with his light reflector. and to our new friend Juke , for letting us invade his privacy by using him as a dressing cabin.
Having that said, enjoy some of the pictures we took.
Hope you like it.
More here
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Have a great weekend!


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