New Year Look

What to Wear for New Year’s Eve

It’s that time of year when you start running through your closet thinking yet again that you have nothing to wear for the big party. Still, you are probably wrong, so unless you are alergic to wearing a clothing item twice, you will surely find something to restyle for this year’s party.

Depending on the location, you have different styles you could try out.

At a cabana

Going up in the mountains? Dress up cozy and chic. A sweater dress, fur vest and some fashionable boots would be the perfect pick. For a more fancy look, try a white dress, a deep violet woolen cape and some fashionable heels if you want to be more elegant. A cool fur hat could just be the best accessory to spice up your look.


New Year Look   New Year Look

Knitted up

Casual parties at home are back in trend right now. A simple knitted up look might just be the outfit you for you. Suede boots are the perfect match for the famous sweater dress. So try out this cute combo and enjoy a relaxed NY party.

BAD_6820          BAD_8808         

Glam up

If you are invited for a fashionable party on New Year’s Eve, you should go for some sparkly.  A retro inspired sequined or beaded dress  could be the match for you. Neutral tones will ensure a discret yet modern look, so it’s a sure win.
New Year LookNew Year Look















Edgy chic         

You really want to stand out without trying too much? How about a fun texture-color mix? Black and red in chiffon and leather or suede will surely draw attention. Go for a an edgy hairdo or an embellished hat to polish off the whole image.


New Year Look      New Year Look







Cute & cozy

A thick laced dress, fur jacket and over the knee boots. Don’t forget about thick tights to be sure you won’t freeze while trying to look cool.

New Year Look


So what will you wear on New Year’s Eve?











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