Perfect Maxi Dress

Of course we want to look our best.

We want to be the star of the party, all eyes on us, but we shouldn’t go too far. Too much glitter would just ruin it so why not get a maxi dress?

A long gown with the right figure could make you look like a star even if you don’t have the perfect model figure. Maxi dresses make short women look taller(with heels too of course), they hide your not so perfect legs and may even make your bust a bit fuller.

As a tip: Don’t get a strapless gown if you have broad shoulders, it will make you look even bigger.

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A thin belt or embellishment at the waistline will make it look thinner.

Don’t go for bold colors if you are not used to wearing them!

You can make your dress or buy it online at a lower cost. So, your budget might just be saved. Check out  for  2019 prom dresses or even wedding dresses. Try on different styles in your local stores and see what fits you best, then measure yourself and see what can work for your size. If you follow these steps, ordering online could be a piece of cake. Another thing, be careful about the colors! They look different than on your home screen, so be realistic about it.

Extra tip!

You can always cut it and make it short if you ruin the seam line or just get bored with that length.-A new one in just a second. A new short prom dress for no extra money!

Neutral colors, fine details like laces and beading will never get out of style, so go for these ideas instead of very trendy pieces that might go out of fashion next season.

Empire lines will help pregnant women look more classy, so this would go perfect for a future mommy . If your legs are  pretty thin, you can even go for a side slit. It would make you look sexier without being vulgar.

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