Protein Banana Icecream With Fruits

Trying to get fit during the hot season is pretty hard especially when you really love a good icecream.

I know I struggle to stay away from this super delicious dessert even if it’s really really hard.

But one day, at work, I had a nice idea to try and make a healthy protein icecream that we could eat after gym without feeling guilty.

protein banana icecream with fruits

A dream come true? A yummy dessert that won’t ruin our silhouette? Maybe so!

We tried it at work and everyone loved it, even the boys if you can believe that.

So I advise you to try it out because it’s super simple and will surely satisfy your sugar craving.


Here’s what you will need for serving 4 big ice creams:

2 riped bananas

4 raw egg whites

2 tablespoons of honey

4 scoops of vanilla whey protein powder of your choice

800 gr of greek youghurt


First you should beat the egg whites with a mixer or blender until they become creamy. Then add honey and cut bananas. Mix everything together until it becomes like a paste. Add the protein powder and then the youghurt, mix well. Add the whole mixture in an icecream box or bowl and put it in the refrigerator for one hour. After one hour get it out and mix everything again. This will break the ice that might form. Put it in the refrigerator again until it’s done. I left it around 2-3 hours until we served it.

We also added fresh fruits on top and served it right away. If you like, you can add other fruits in the mixture. I used the banana as the main sweetener here and because it would give the mixture a more creamy texture. Surely there are tons of different protein ice cream recipes you can try out.

protein banana icecream with fruits

So if you find a nice one, please share it with me, I am curious to try it out.



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