Quarantine Fashion – Dress up So you’d feel good

It’s no secret that this Spring is nothing like we’d ever wished for, not even close… The whole world has turned upside down and we need to deal with everything right now. Most of us just need to be heroes by staying at home, in the comfort of our house and near our loved ones. Sound difficult? I do’t  think so.

But I do agree that this constant sitting at home, isolated from everything else makes you go crazy and you feel the need to escape this situation. But as it is beyond our control, you can just improve your state of mind and find ways of making the isolation more fun and maybe more productive too.

How to dress up when in quarantine

Well, there is a mix of looking good and feeling goo here. You should dress up to feel comfortable but sitting in your pajamas all day won’t help for long. From time to time you should dress up a bit, invest some time in looking for those items you loved so much, try different styles, experiment  and have fun like you were going out with your friends. If you have a yard or terrace, why not prepare a nice lunch or maybe just coffee and cake and enjoy it like you would at a restaurant or your favorite cafe spot. These small things will make you feel better.

If you are working from home, try to set up a schedule and follow it. Even if you could actually work at any time given and don’t need to be online at specific hours daily, try to keep the pace as you would when you went to the office. This would help you focus more and be more productive on the long run. Wear that cool slogan T-shirt that you just bought, those skinny jeans or new sneakers you never had the chance to wear.

white T-shirt

White slogan T-shirt

Shopping when you are stressed or sad? We all do this at one time, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing. But in such times when a recession is coming, we need to be very careful where we invest our money. But things you need, or items you know won’t get out of style. Buy items that are worth investing in either they are on sale and you really like them or they are really high quality and you know you will love to wear them a lot.

What to shop for?

A black bodycon dress that looks absolutely perfect on you. It’s simple, comfortable modern and you now you will have so many occasions for wearing it. I got this padded should dress recently and I have to say that it feels awesome. Perfect cut, perfect design, and I think I would also take the sleeves off to make it even more versatile.

black bodycon dress
Black bodycon dress
black dress

These T-shirts that I adore. Black or white tops are never a bad investment because you can literally wear them with everything. From leather pants, to jeans or even skirts, the combinations are endless. You just need to put your creativity to work.

black T-shirt
Black T-shirt
simple black T-shirt
Simple black T-shirt

The white utility jacket is something I was longing for a while now. It’s edgy yet very versatile and easy to accessorize. From casual T-shirt dresses to jeans or  leather skirts, this jacket could make any outfit stand out. Such a piece is worth investing in even in such rough times.

white slogan T-shirt
White utility jacket

Don’t splurge, but enjoy some shopping if it makes you feel better. It’s all about balancing and making the best of this situation. Stay safe and let’s all get over this soon!

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