Salty puffy fun pastry!

A few days ago I wanted to cook something new.So I took a basic recipe for cheese filled pastry and added some more ingredients that I thought will give it just the twist it needed. All you need is pastry dough bought from any grocery store, 2 red kapia peppers, 3 scallions, feta cheese,sour cream, basil, oregano, salt, pepper, and if you liked it spicy, add chilli.

step 1. Make the filling.Chop the scallions and peppers. put them in a bowl with the feta cheese, a bit of sour cream , the basil, oregano, salt and pepper. Mix them together until it looks like an paste with bits of peppers and scallions.( You should light the oven to pre-warm it)

step2. Roll the dough but don’t make it too thin .Cut it in small squares, as small as you want the mini puff pastry to be, but remember you have to fold it.
 step 3. Put a bot of the filling you made in each square that you cut and fold it taking each corner in the centre. Press lightly to secure it so it doesn’t fold apart while in the oven.

 This is how they looked like the way I folded them. You can make them as you want, small pillows or other shapes, it doesn;t matter.
 step4.Get them in a tray after you put a bit of olive oil so that they don;t stick. Don;t get them too close to one another because the dough will puff a bit.
This is how they should look like.
Let me know how yours turned out.:D
Hope you enjoyed this recipe


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