Sequined Varsity Jacket


To stand out while rocking that killer urban look is something I really love right now.

sequined varsity jacket


Jacket BADstyle/ Hat: New Era /Top: BADstyle/ Sandals: Here

I would mix and match this jacket in so many ways that you might just be wondering: What did she just do?

I designed it because I was looking for a similar item and couldn’t find it anywhere. Yes, I buy many of my clothes because I don’t have the time to work for myself, the irony of it all.

I see it with a baseball cap, black shorts and a printed top plus my favorite BW superstars.

Or with a black leather pencil skirt, a white T-shirt and some high heels.

The simple jersey dress wouldn’t look the same without this sparkly jacket over and I can go for hours talking about this amazing thing.


It’s simple, cool and yet very edgy

The pattern is so simple you might think it’s the best thing that was every designed after the LBD. But without thinking too much, wouldn’t you wear it? I know I can’t stop wearing even if people give me the eye.

I was wearing this sequined bomber in Tenerife one night because it got cold. I had some simple dark blue A&F shorts and my superstars but people kept starying. It was just a simple jacket that sparkled, nothing more. Some had that OMG that’s so cool look, others, what’s she wearing?


Frankly, I don’t actually care what people say about how I dress and as Sophia Amoruso always believed is that being your unique self might just matter more than what schools you’ve attended or what designer brands you are wearing at that point. Being yourself, even if that means wearing a sequined bomber while your neighbour is giving you the look again, could turn your life around in just a split second. Be yourself and make sure you never compromise especially when it comes to your own style.

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Would you wear a sequined varsity jacket? I bet you would!

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