What you shouldn’t get for Christmas

what you shouldn't buy for christmas

 You are going with your friend shopping and you see a vase that you like. Then she gets the idea to buy it for Christmas. When she goes again alone, it is sold out.. What to do… She will search for something similar,; finds the perfect dupe and gets it.

Christmas is here and you open your presents … Tadaaaa .a vase! A vase that is similar to the one you loved but not identical. And the thing that made that vase special isn’t on this one. So you got another present that will fill your house up.

So never buy deco items as a present. Because you will never know that person as well as you think. Maybe you think it is a great idea, but she /he has another view of her/his home than you do. This is not acceptable even if you are an interior designer because if you have never worked with that person, you will surely not find the perfect item.

As our specialist, Alexandra Avram says: “I try not to gift any deco items to anyone. You need to understand that person very well, to know hisway of life, his rhythm. That house is a reflection of himself and all the deco items are contribuitors. The first thing I do before starting the project with a new client, is to try to get to know him very well and his lifestyle so I can learn what he likes, wants.”

I know I have a lot of beautiful deco items that I was gifted but then they don;t match house design.

You think a new crystal wine set will be perfect. She like crystal glasses, but simple, not with ornaments and you get her the most fancy set you find. Very expensive, valuable but she hates it.

The thing you can do is get a voucher at her favorite deco store and she will get what she wants.

So what will you get for Christmas?

Scenariul urmator: Mergi la cumparaturi cu prietena ta si vezi o vaza superba pe care ti-o doresti, dar nu o cumperi in acel moment. Ei ii vine o idee geniala, ti-o ia de Craciun. Merge singura in alta zi sa iti faca surpriza, dar ghici ce.? Nu mai e pe stoc , asa ca s epune pe cautat. Dupa un timp gaseste o vaza asemanatoare, dar nu identica care in viziunea ei era perfecta.

Vine Craciunul si deschizi cadourile,, vezi vaza. Seamana , dar nu rasare. Evident ca fix diferentele dintre cele doua o faceau pe cealalta mai pe placul tau. Asa ca mai ai o vaza de ascuns undeva in camara.

Deci mai bine nu cumparati obiecte de decor pentru cel mai probabil nu o sa gasiti fix ce si-ar dori acea persoana. Poti sa o cunosti foarte bine,sa veti gusturi asemanatoare, dar viziunea ei asupra casei, a designului de interior sa fie total diferita.

Dupa cum spune si specialistul nostru mai jos, nici ca si designer de interior nu poti stii exact cum vrea persoana sa isi decoreze casa,decat daca ai mai lucrat cu ea.

Stiu ca si eu am multe obiecte superbe primite, dar care nu se potrivesc cu felul in care mi-e decorata casa.

Te gandesti ca un set nou de pahare de cristal este ideea perfecta pentru ca stii ca ii plac paharele de cristal. Dar ea prefera cele simple; tu te gandesti sa iei un set cu ornamente, frumos lucrate, extrem de valoros. Investitie mare, dar nu pe masura bucuriei.

Asa mai bine cumperi un voucher la magazinul ei preferat si isi alegea ea exact ce doreste. Fara risc, fara stres.

Voi ce luati cadouri luati de Craciun?





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