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Shooting Stars


I’ve always been fascinated about falling stars when I was a kid. I used to climb up from the terrace on the tilled roof to watch shooting stars. Sometimes I just kept staring at the black sky without seeing anything there, but sometimes I would find a shooting star and would wish upon it.

silk dress with gold stars

Dress: Here/ Shoes: Circus by Sam Edelman / Sunglasses: Hindsight / Hat: H&M/ Bag: Cathias Edeline

printed silk dress

casual look


star printed dress

hindsight sunglasses

circus by sam edelman studded boots

I know dreams comes true only if you work for them because nothing comes for granted in life, even if it might seem so.

I started working for my dreams since I was a little kid. My parents taught me that I have to work for anything I want. I wanted pocket money for a juice, a toy or anything else, then I would have to wash the car, the dishes or do some home work. I think that was the best thing ever. I learned that I have to work for something if I wanted to turn it into a beautiful thing.

I wish upon a shooting star even if I knew I had to work for it. My secret wish would be: I wish for  a chance and power to be able to work for something. I never wished for  a thing to just pop up and say: this is for you, you’ve won it.

I won many things in life, but they were all opportunities to grow.

I am really grateful for everything I won in life so you might just understand now why shooting stars are really important to me.

Even now, sometimes, on clear summer nights, I stare at the big black sky and think, will I get a new opportunity? A new challenge? And sometimes, a shooting star just crosses the sky. then I know I’m up for something big and I am always ready for it because I never miss a big chance.

When I saw this dress, I thought it could be a great statement piece in my wardrobe because shooting stars are very rare and I always wait for them to appear. It could be my secret weapon when I go to an event, a party or just for a coffee. It’s my lucky charm that only I know of, and now you know too. Star Prints are really easy to match compared to other prints so that’s one of the reasons why I like the print.


Do you have a secret lucky charm? A dress, jewelry piece or accessory that you know will bring you luck in a way or another? Share it with me, I want to know too.

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