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I have to admit that dresses are not the first thing I reach for when I open my closet, not to mention a striped shirt dress. I would rather go for a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and some sneakers just because I love being comfortable.  I will surely fix that too.

Still, this striped dress is very comfortable and easy to mix and match. I would actually love it to be a bit shorter but I will most definitely cut it to the length I want. Why? Because I feel the length is a bit too long for my height so adjusting it will make the proportion better.

If you were to ask me about picking a shirt dress, I would say go for simple structures. A simple cut, neutral colors or patterns and be sure it has something something working on it that would make it stand out.

I picked this white dress with black stripes and two patent leather heart shaped pockets. Simple, crisp but yet very special all the way.

I would go out shopping, strolling, or even travelling in this dress, but yet it won’t convince me to stop wearing my favorite pair of jeans. I don’t think anything will change my mind about it. It’s just how I roll 😉


casual day outfit

Dress: Here / Shoes: Converse / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban/ Bag: Here/ Belt: Here

MUAH cupio ruj

Matte Lipsticks: Cupio 

striped shirt dress

casual day outfit


mini black red dress


striped shirt dress

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