Stylish Weekend in Timisoara Official Launch Party


The past few weeks were really crazy mainly because of organizing this super fab event in Timisoara, which if I am not mistaking is one of the biggest blogger meeting ever organized on the western part of Romania.


We wanted to do something totally different so we stuck up to the challenge and invited over 40 bloggers from all over the country to join us for the celebration.

stylishcircle launch party

And we didn’t want to just have a party, we wanted to get them busy with fun activities for a day and a half.

A welcome coffee so everybody could get to know each other, a short presentation of what StylishCircle is all about and a fashion show by Tudor Personal Tailor.

Yummy food and beautiful desserts offered by Senneville in a short, but delightful lunch break.


It was time to leave Alt Club and get things going towards SmartFit 2 where a personal trainer would get the girls sweating their heads off for a full workout. Some opted for a relaxing time at the Jacuzzi just before karting. The challenge was big because everybody wanted to win the big prize offered by Noblesse. It was a fun race where everyone pushed the gas to the limit and got their adrenaline up.

bloggers at smart fit studio 2


bloggers go karting


Cristina stoica karting


Iulia Andrei karting in Timisoara

stylish circle cake design


Diana Farca Rox Sarafolean


stylishcircle ro launch


purple dress code for party

stylish bloggers in Timisoara


stylishcircle guests


Roxana Sarafolean blogger


Ready, steady, go! Party time at Club Alt after our guests dressed up and got ready.

Pictures, Prosecco, a Stylish purple cake and good music. Perfect for a fashionable celebration together with these beautiful bloggers.

We also prepared goodie bags with the help of our parteners: Senneville, Smartfit Studio , Promotor Timisoara, Beauty Box, Cupio, Optica Eugen, NoblesseCiocolaterie LeonidasTudor Personal Tailor.

Special thanks goes to our photographer: Anita Bejenaru and Anca Lupu from Peonies & Hydrangeas that made some beautiful flower arrangements for us.


For Sunday we had a coffee tasting session organized at Aethernativ Cafe. Bogdan told us all about the differences between Arabic and Robusta coffee and this was the perfect setting to get some energy after the long night. We ended the event with a photo session in Unirii Square.

romanian fashion bloggers

fashion bloggers in Timisoara


fashion bloggers in Timisoara


fashion bloggers meeting in timisoara

If you would ask me, I would this at least twice a year and even if I didn’t have the time to join in all the activities, I still felt great being part of it.

Many people don’t really know how hard it is to organize such an event but we were just very lucky to have these special persons around us.

Thank you again for being part of this, for accepting the invitation and for just being YOU! You guys and girls are the coolest and I enjoyed this weekend so much!

And because you should follow them all, here the official guest list and links to their blogs.

Adelina Certus, Adriana Lazar, Adriana Popescu, Anca Sorca, Anca Varsandan, Andreea Serban, Bianca Luminita, Caterina Ratoi, Codrea Andreea, Cristina Stoica, Dana Straut, Denisa Bargau, Diana Farca, Diana Ribana, Dorina Geicu, Cristina Geicu, Georgia Ianc,  Georgiana Medrea, Ionela Chicu, Iulia Andrei, Iuliana Predonu, Kinga Kavasi, Sarolta Kavasi, Laura Charaba, Laura Gavrila, Lavinia Fat, Mihaela Dusan, Mihaela Teicu, Mihai Branda, Mitichi Preda, Oana Creteanu, Oana Lungu, Peter Bahuczki, Roxana Poelnica, Sebastian Bargau, Zenobia Lazarovici.


And my trusty sidekicks: Mihai, Ioana, Emilia and Marius.

I am happy I got to meet with old friends, colleagues, get to know some of you better and meet new people all at the same time. For me it was a super experience!

Hope you had fun an let’s meet again!

Until next time!



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