Tattoos-How Not to Regret Having One


Full sleeve tattoos-No Regret

I got my first tattoo when I was 17 and I had my parents sign a paper that they agree with me getting it. If you are wondering I don’t regret it at all, not that one or my second one and I got 2 more designs on the way , very soon. But what if you are the kind of person that gets bored fast but still wants a tattoo? You finally pick the design , get it inked and then after a few months you regret it..Sure you can get it removed, but is it all worth it? How about if you want to get a full sleeve , as a girl, but your job(let’s say working at a bank) isn’t the best place to show off your ink? There is always a solution, and we are not talking about henna or stickers. A tattoo that you won’t regret, and you can have it for Spring break let’s say. It lasts up to 10-12 days and looks very real. Getinkbox has the best temporary tattoos, a special, natural ink that looks awesome, and really I have never seen something like this before. I took it for a test drive and you have the pictures below.  This would surely be a tattoo I would regret:)) Stupidly freewriting it right on my wrist… But well it’s been a week and it;s still there. Cool ink I might say.

Check out their site and get your fancy design now, right on time for a summer music festival.

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Plina de tatuaje si fara regrete

Mi-am facut primul tatuaj la 17 ani si pe atunci parintii mi-au semnat o hartie cum ca sunt de acord cu treaba aia. In caz ca va intrebati daca regret, sa stiti ca nu, deloc chiar, nici pe al doilea si nici pe urmatoarele doua care sunt pe drum, foarte curand. Dar daca esti genul de persoana care se plictiseste foarte repede si totusi vrea un tatuaj. Alegi designul, te-ai hotarat il faci, esti incantat de el o luna, doua apoi gata sa il scoti ca nu iti mai place. Nu prea are rost asa o complicatie, nu? Cum ar fi sa iti faci un full sleeve ca fata , care poate lucreaza la banca? Nu cred ca angajatorul ar fi prea impresionat de alegere… Tostui, exista o solutie, si nu vorbim de henna sau stickere. Un tatuaj care te tine cat o vacanta de primavara, fara regrete. Se mentine 10-12 zile pe piele si arata foarte real. Getinkbox au cele mai misto tatuaje temporare, chiar nu am mai vazut asa ceva pana acum,   o cerneala speciala care arata incredibil. Am facu un test cu un tatuaj stupid pe care sigur l-as regreta. Il am deja de o saptamana si inca arata foarte real:)) dar stupid.

Aruncati o privire la ei pe site, au multe modele interesante si chiar iti poti desena cu mana libera modelul dorit daca nu vrei cu sabloanele lor.

V-am facut curiosi?


Tattoo kit from Getinkbox

tattoo designs for women

tattoo designs for women

Easy to apply

tattoo designs for women

Let it dry for about 90 minutes

tattoo designs for women

After it dried out, you shoudl wash it off

tattoo designs for women

tattoo designs for women

After washing it out you will see there is nothing there.

tattoo designs for women

But after 12 hours, magic! It appears and it looks very real!

I will keep you posted with it’s evolution so you can see how it looks in 10 days


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