The Red Jacket

how to wear a red jacket

How would you wear a red jacket?

A red jacket is a staple piece of clothing just like the classic Burberry camel trench coat or the leather jacket. You might ask yourself why because basically red is neither a neutral color nor it can be worn with everything… So why is it so versatile in the end?

Statement or staple?

I would say a red coat makes everything more simple when you want a cool look without doing too much. You know that winter is that season when you basically want to cover yourself so you don’t freeze and styling might be last on your list when you want to leave the house. But if you can do both at a blink of an eye, would you?

Ignore this specific outfit because it was a pretty hot day and I managed to style the coat with just a sweater dress and some ankle boots rather than with something you would normally be wearing in winter like some warm trousers, a big chunky sweater and a scarf.

Red coats for dull winter days

You can wear any dull, boring outfit that keeps you warm and put a colorful coat over it. There you go! you’ve already got such a cool look without doing much. Add a fedora or a chunky knitted hat and maybe some cool winter boots and you’re ready. Red coats look awesome in winter on a white background so maybe you will consider buying yourself such a coat or maybe in another bold color. I would suggest an emerald green or ultraviolet because this is indeed the color of the year 2018.

Suede jackets

Shearling, suede and wool jackets are top favorites for cold winters but if they don’t go out of style year after year why not invest in these staple pieces and get a few that would save your simple look when you don’t feel too creative? Pullover and jeans? Add a burgundy suede jacket and your’re cool. A sweater dress and warm boots? The shearling aviator jacket will do the trick here. A wool coat could complete a boring office look too. Go for something bright like yellow.

How do you spice up your looks in winter?



ultraviolet shoulder bag

Hat: Pimkie / Jacket: Gamiss / Dress: C&A / Boots: Jeffrey Campbell / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

how to wear a fedora hat

suede coat

purple and red hair pravana vivids

red suede coat

red suede jacket

burgundy fedora hat and glasses


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