The ultimate shopping list for Spring

 January is the perfect month to start shopping for new items, yes for spring. Sales are up, and you might just find the clasic piece you are looking for, because even between sweaters and fur jacket you could find the perfect bag , all season boots or a cute lace top. So let’s dig in and find the itmes you need.
First, you should have a look at the star color this year, Radian Orchid according to Pantone. Even if you don’t like it, I don’t fancy it myself, you can find an accessory that might look great. I love that box bag with metallic details.
Then how about some shoes? Nude flats that woudl go with basicaly anything? Some flower printed lace up shoes? Or maybe the killer red heels that you always wanted? Perfect for weddings, and all the other parties you are invited to this summer, right? I would go for boots, they are comfy, cool , timeless. Even for hot shorts on summer, but wouldn;t wear them all day.. the heat would kill my feet.
Some basic handbags? They coudl even be on sale from the previous season. Get beige or black and you will never regret the investment.
As for jewelry, this season, I would pick simple items,only one element that would stand out. A cool earring, a simple bangle or a lucky pendant.
And if you don;t already own these three ietms, you should go and get them now
A leather jacket in beige or black, just to be sure you can wear it almost daily.
A simple jersey dress that you would need for a casual outfit and you cand accessorize it to make tons of different ouftits.
And yes, the perfect dark denim jeans. Simple, skinny or straight depending on your body type, simple cut, less stitches  for a flattering look.
Gone shopping yet?

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