Updos For Long Hair

Messy Summer Hairstyles

It’s that time of year, when you regret not cutting long hair, but then you still love it at thing length… so what to do now when it’s so hot outside that you would rather shave your head?

Simple! Stylish updos for long will save your day and will remind you why you chose not to cut it this year too.

Having long hair may be a burden sometimes but it is rewarding too, especially when you want a fancy updo and you have enough hair to try whatever you wish. On the other hand, when it’s really hot, you need to get it up ASAP, so I’ve compiled  a few updos for long hair that will convince you to keep it long for a few years more.

Pick your favorite updo for long hair

From french braids to messy buns and cool twists, you can basically try thousands of hairstyles until you find the ones that work great & fast for you, because we all want them fast, right?

If braiding is your thing, try a side braid and pull the rest up into a small bun. Add stylish pins or other adornments if you really want to bring some bling into it.

Messy French Braid

updo for long hair


updo for long hair

Double twist

Two simple twist at the nape of the neck is a stylish choice for both an elegant and casual look. If you want it a bit polished for a cocktail party, then it will take a bit longer to achieve that sleek look, but overall, this is a simple hairstyle that doesn’t require too much knowledge.

updo for long hair

We all know that messy bun we try out when we have a long ponytail and no time to redo the hairstyle. This is ideal for when you didn’t have the time to wash your hair properly before going out the door. The messier, the more interesting it gets.

Messy Bun

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Banana Bun

A bun/banana hairstyle that actually looks elegant despite the whole messy touch to it. Add some silver studded pins if you want to take it on the more glamour side. This could even be a cool updo for a bride if she want a more casual wedding.

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So which is your pick ? Updos for long hair are awesome choices for summer!


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