What to Wear With a Trench Coat

Pink-Purple Ombre Coat

what to wear with a trench coat

Coat: VIPme / Shoes: Mango / Bag: Guess

ombre suede trench coat

suede coat

Trench coats are very versatile and chic. We all love them because it’s the best choice when you really don’t know what to put on when you go out the door. It’s casual, yet elegant at the same time so you won’t need anything else when it comes to outerwear.

pink-purple suede trench coat


colored trench coat

Classic beige trench coats like the famous Burberry styles are timeless pieces you can wear for years and year to come. Black also is a great idea because of it’s versatility and you can never go wrong with a mysterious black trench coat especially if it’s made of soft leather.

From leather to … suede of course.


I saw this super cute coat on VIPme and I had to have it. It was in beige, and red but I wanted to go a bit bold. Even if my first thought was to get the red one, because you know how much I love red, I went for this sweet pink-purple ombre version. You might think it’s harder to accessorize and match up, but it’s actually not.

Maybe I can convince you with a bit of inspiration:

What to wear with a trench coat?

A simple dress. In this case go for neutrals to balance it a bit or just try one of the shades the coat has. A dark purple, maybe even burnt burgundy or even fuchsia. Because the coat already has a suede texture, try knits and silks to contrast it a bit.

Jeans  a fluffy sweater when it’s cold outside. Ripped jeans with fishnet stockings underneath are really cool, so pair them up with a turtleneck sweater and a big beanie. Blue, black and white-grey, it works great.

A silk gown that you are going to wear for the New Year’s Eve party. Yes, You can go for red too, but try a deep shade of red or maybe Bordeaux for a fancy-elegant touch.

dipped hem trench coat


suede trench coat

Got your inspiration on what to wear with a trench coat? Let’s start shopping!

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