What to wear for the New Year’s Eve party

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and after the Christmas  gifts hunting period we are left with another  dilemma. What to wear at the New Year party.
I got some suggestions for you just to make the pick easier.
So first, think about where you will go. At the mountains in a rustic cabana on a snowy peak, a fancy restaurant in the city, a casual party? Or a club party with all your friends?
For a cozy party at a cabana I suggest picking a warm sweater dress, maybe with lace details, pompons or handmade roses. Thick tights and some cute boots.  It should keep you warm, and also be elegant enough for the occasion. Adding sparkly jewelry would be a great idea to spice out the outfit.
A fancy restaurant would require a special dress, maybe even a maxi  design with glitter details. Play with textures and transparencies. A nude and black lace dress would be a sexy pick. Also, an interesting  beaded finish cold give you that boho touch
Maybe you will go out clubbing with your friends, so how about a short sequin dress with lace details? Maybe a maxi chiffon dress with a leather jacket, elbow length  gloves and a statement necklace. Or a simple a bodycon midi black dress ? Picking a black dress is always a great idea. Just accessorize with style.
So what will you wear?

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