When in Romwe…

Here is a perfect going out look for a party, clubbing, or just a day out with the girls. This is an edgy, funky, modern outfit. I would really wear something like this even if the colors are so crazy! I picked two tops because I loved them both so much, the scarf prints are in this season, but so is tangerine . 
Would you wear this look?
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O tinuta perfect pentru iesit in oras, fie ca e vorba de o petrecere, o noapte in club sau o simpla iesire cu fetele. Curajos, funky si modern! Eu as purta asa o tinuta chiar daca culorile sunt foarte stridente. Am ales doua bluze pentru ca mi-au placut ambele la fel de mult. Imprimeul batic si tangerine sunt doua trenduri foarte hot in acest sezon.
Voi ati purta asa o tinuta?
Produsele se pot cumpara de pe www.romwe.com

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