Where To Get A Haircut In Midtown Charlotte

One of the most important part of grooming for both men and women is getting the hair done. At some point in life, we all need haircuts to achieve the look we want. The best places to get a good haircut are beauty salons and barber shops.

When one relocates, it may be quite a challenge to find good places that offer services they need. For example, picture yourself needing a haircut in Midtown Charlotte where you barely know the place well. Where do you start from?

It is therefore important that we discuss the various ways in which one can find a place they need when in a new place.

  • Asking the people around

One of the many ways of finding your way around new places is by asking around. It is the easiest way of familiarizing yourself with an environment. Ask the locals if they know a good salon or barber shop that give good haircuts.

As the common saying goes, the mouth is a powerful tool. You might get good recommendations through word of mouth. A local may go as far as giving you a whole list of places plus their good qualities and let you choose one that you desire.

Sometimes, one may get a discount from referrals and recommendations. You may be offered top tier services because you trusted a source that directed you to the said salon. It is also with no doubt that any good salon or barber shop is known by nearly everyone living within the neighborhood. It is easier getting to these places because everyone thinks highly of their services and the professionals working there.

However, when in a new locality, be careful who you ask directions from. Everyone is not to be trusted. You might end up getting kidnapped or mugged if not careful. It is best if you ask directions from your tour guides, hotel receptionists, or watch guards instead of random people in the streets.

  • Use social media 

We are now living in a technological era meaning that nearly everyone is on social media. Many businesses have used this to their advantage by marketing themselves through social media platforms.

While some have created their own company websites, others are on Instagram and Facebook. Nearly every credible business is on social media. The biggest flex of having an account in either or all of these platforms is that you increase traffic to your business.

As long as your posts are up, you attract a new client. Allowing your clients to leave their feedback there is also another subtle way of proving you are running an honest business. Your clients can also tag you on their pictures after getting their hair done by you attracting new traffic.

Get on Instagram or Facebook and search for salons and barber shops around your geographical area. All you have to do is enter a search for example ‘hair salon in South End Charlotte’ and a list of varieties will pop up. This is a credible way because most of these stores provide telephone numbers and location of their shops meaning you do not need to ask around. Read more here https://www.spiritualsproject.org/tips-choosing-perfect-barbershop/

  • Consultation

It is in human nature for one to be curious and want to try out new things just from seeing others do it. In the same way, one might see someone else with a particular haircut and be drawn to the style and want to try it.

Hairdressers often specialize in different types of cuts and hairstyles. Some might be specifically comfortable styling either male or female clients. Some might have specialized in wigs and installations, others cuts and dying hair, and others are generally good in everything they do.

It is important to note that various hairstyles look good on people because of their face shapes. Just because an individual looked good does not anyone else might look equally good in the same haircut or style.

This is why the consultation step is a necessity. Consult with your stylist in every appointment to explain the look you want to achieve. It is during consultations that your stylist may reveal to you whether the look will fit in with your face shape or lifestyle habits. Some styles look good but can affect your natural hair. All these including aftercare and maintenance should be discussed between a client and hairdresser.

  • Execute the ‘Blow-Dry Test’

There is nothing worse than walking out of a salon disgruntled by their services. It is quite painful spending your hard-earned money to a hairdresser only to come out dissatisfied and with no refund or makeover.

It is for this reason that many are scared of trying out new salons for their haircuts and styling. However, when staying in a new place, you will need to make an appointment to a hairdresser at some point. 

Make an appointment and conduct a blow-dry test to see whether the hairstylist is a professional or an amateur. Do not directly book for a cut because you might end up disappointed in case an amateur happens to work on you.

It is important to have a rapport with your hairstylist before having a cut or a hair transformation. This test should help you to go and familiarize with the salon environment and the hairdresser. If you are not impressed, you can easily back out at any point. It is best not to go for extreme hair transformation from a hairdresser the first time you meet.Click more here.


Those are some of the best ways of finding a good salon for your hair services. You can rely on referrals and recommendations when going for a complete hair transformation. Note that every cut can look good on you.

Always consider creating a rapport with a hairstylist first before trusting them to do extreme makeovers on you. Although many clients walk in a salon with a decision of a style they want, it is important to consult first to ensure your stylist can do it or if it will look good on you.

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