Women are leaders but they don’t know it

Most of us have been growing up seeing father figures as being the leaders in the family, but that doesn’t mean that mother’s can’t be.

It’s mostly a choice or a situation that hinders females in pursuing their dream, or maybe the lack of courage they have.

Are women raised up in believing they can’t?

Maybe not intentionally, but most young women are taught they need to start a family, care for it and be there for everyone else. Her husband and children need to be cared for, but where do her ambitions fit in?

Most likely women don’t have the courage to ask for me time in order to get a chance and find their passion, or if they know  what it is, to have time to make it bloom. This is due to the lack of encouragement they got  themselves as child from their family. But it’s no something to blame parents for as their own parents had the same mindset when they were growing up. Unfortunately this mindset is being propagated from generation to generation until one has the courage to break this chain. Female figures are always busy with the household and settle for less as they know that their place is there. By default. They don’t seem to find time for anything but most of them ignore the fact that they can ask for help.

Empowering women

Women empowerment should be something that is being focused on in school, but most teachers don’t even know how to do that. The best way in helping women get the courage and succeed is by setting an example. And this starts in school. Luckily there are some scholarships like the one from Nancy Etz that support young women  on their journey to becoming leaders in their field. This is the first step forward that ladies need when they pursue something that might be the beginning of a successful career. Without a sustained first step, most women won’t have the courage of even dreaming to try out anything on their own.

Unfortunately  the belief that a woman can’t be a wife, mother and also have a successful career is still propagated and sustained within most communities. Yes, it is hard, and yes she can’t do everything by herself. If she is lucky to have a supportive husband or a helpful mother that she can rely on, then everything changes for the good.  Ask for help and support and there might just be some hope  where no one dared to try before.

Women can lead

Brene Brown-Dare to lead is a book any young woman should read. It is said that every big mansion that successful people own have a library. Even if it sounds like a cliché, the fact is indeed true. There isn’t a successful person on this planet that hasn’t read hundreds or even thousands of books. Books offer guidance, a better mindset and offer precious info that you might now find in any other place. Books offer ideas and ways to pursue them towards being able to set up businesses from scratch and grow them into multi-millionaire companies. Sometimes one doesn’t need more than a book to get their courage and empower themselves while struggling to find they way through life.

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