B.A.D.style Bridal

beaded bridal dress

Custom Made Vintage Inspired Dress


These photos were taken some time ago , in august when were still on vacation in Santorini. I started working on this dress for about a month before the trip but I had in mind since the beginning of the year. I wanted to play with some vintage inspired elements but still keeping the whole design very simple and elegant.

Hand beaded and handpainted lace with beaded straps and details, surely a unique design. With just a plain lining, this dress is really the perfect summer bridal dress. Flowy and breezy, very comfortable and you could even dance the whole night away in it.

Because I wanted to style it very very simple, I avoided adding any accessories or other complicated details. The hair, a plain braided bun with some Bougainvillea flowers(that I picked from the floor) was everything this plain white look needed.

Do you agree that simple is elegant? Would you dress as a bride like this?


badstyle bridal

flowers in the hair bridal modern bride


modern bride

modern bride flowers in the hair bridal beaded bridal dress

modern bride badstyle bridal

Dress: BADstyle



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