Hot Pants-Summer Shopping

hot pants jeans summer


Hot pants should be on top of your summer wishlist.

Comfortable, versatile and very sexy too. Of course you should take care of your diet, and start to workout a bit in order to have perfect legs, but it’s worth it.

Ripped hot pants, cartoon printed or the basic reverse hem dark denim shorts that are really easy to mix with a crop top or even a white tshirt. High, block heels, Converse sneakers or flat strappy sandals would just finish the perfect summer shorts look.

Jumpsuits are as cool as hot pants, but more elegant. You can pick a lace trimmed version, layered textures or a simple loose jumpsuit in a bold color.

For summer nights, you should consider going for a sheer jacket. A versatile piece  that you can match with a casual or even a more elegant look. Pick neutral colors that are easier to match.

So what do you have on your wishlist?




Pantalonii scurti-Pe lista de shopping

Pantalonii scurti  sunt alegerea perfecta pentru vara, pe deasupra sunt si extrem de versatili si sexy. Sigur ca trebuie avut putina grija cu dieta si exercitiile fizice ca picioarele sa arate perfect, dar pana la urma merita stradania.

Pantaloni scurti taiati, rupti sau imprimati cu diverse imagini de desene animate sau clasicii pantaloni scurti cu manseta combinati cu un top scurt colorat sau tricou alb simplu. Sandalele cu toc gros, tenisi clasici Converse sau niste sandale cu sireturi sunt alegerile perfecte care completeaza tinuta.

Salopetele sunt la fel de versatile si simpatice ca si pantalonii scurti, dar mult mai eleganti. Puteti alege o varianta cu dantela,  peplum cu texturi diferite sau chiar intr-o nuanta puternica.

Pentru serile racoroase de vara, o jacheta dintr-un material subtire chiar transparent este alegerea perfecta. Versatila care poate fi  combinata atat cu o tinuta casual cat si cu una mai eleganta.


Voi ce aveti pe lista de shopping?


summer playsuits


Black lace                          White layered                       Cocktail red



casual summer jackets


Grey Parka                                       Black Waistcoat                       Sheer White






hot pants jeans summer


Reverse Hem                             Cartoon Printed                           Ripped Shorts



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