5 Ways to Save More on Your Next Shopping Trip

    The risk of maxing out one’s credit card on shopping-online or physical- is greater than ever. Advertisements might make some deals sound good, but only tempt you into spending more than you save. If shoppers were a bit more savvy, they wouldn’t need coupons or exclusive sales to save money.

    Online retailers and competitive markets have opened several outlets for frugal consumers. Some of these opportunities come to those who alter their spending habits. Others are just sitting out there like a pair of red shoes ready to be taken home for half off. Here are 5 ways you can save money on your next shopping trip.

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The 30-Day Rule

    There purchases that you need and others you can wait on. A new gadget can be tempting to own right away, but the cost might be more than you can afford. If the product is something that will be on shelves for sometime, then plan on waiting. Waiting 30-days can help you weigh your spending options. In the event of a limited time sale, try doing the math to see if you’re getting a good deal. Your desired buy could be more spur of the moment than necessity.  


    When you’ve spent a heft amount on shopping, it helps to earn some of that money back. Get cash-back rewards on your next shopping trip every time you shop online. Shopping portals like Ebates and Swagbucks offer reward points for every purchase made through their sponsored links. If you’re credit rating is good, then cash-back credit cards can shave off up to 5% on purchases.   

Buy Gently Used

    What’s better than buying something you wanted? Getting it at a markdown price, of course. This doesn’t have to mean finding that item in lesser condition. Gently used items can be found through a variety of outlets. Garage sales, flea markets, online classifieds through ReferLocal. Your hunt for the best quality product might take some time. However, you’ll be broadening your shopping options while saving up to $50 or more.

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Discounted Gift Cards

    Gift cards make easy gifts and cover a wide variety of expenses at stores, restaurants, and other services. The idea of buying gift cards for less than their marked value seems like you’re getting a raw deal, but you’d be wrong. People often sell their unwanted gift cards for less than their balance. Websites like Cardpool and Gift Card Granny allow you to comparison shop for over a thousand valid gift cards for millions of locations.    

Join Mailing Lists

    Every time you buy a product online, the store might prompt you to sign up for their mailing list. These can be a nuisance, especially when online mailing lists will just clog your inbox with spam. A helpful trick is to set-up a secondary e-mail account for online shopping purposes. Now you can join the mailing lists for your favorite stores. This can help you keep track of receipts and receive e-newsletters advertising exclusive deals you won’t find on anywhere else.

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