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Get Rewarded for Shopping

If you haven’t heard yet about it’s about time you  get up to date with the fresh news.

Glamhive is the social shopping platform that rewards you for being stylish and of course for shopping. As a fashion lover you can earn points by simply uploading your outfits and tagging similar similar products. Don’t forget to share the awesomeness because once you earned enough points, you can get all the super vouchers they have available.


I just started posting a while ago and it’s really and easy. You should really create and account, I promise you will love it!

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Smart shopping is actually buying the things you really need, but it’s hard to get a real grip on reality so why not spend more to get more back? You also earn points by shopping through Glamhive. I think it’s the best idea ever. Getting rewarded for shopping- A woman’s dream come true!


This is the only social network that rewards users on both sides, the ones that share and the ones that buy. A perfect combination for such a stylish community.

They partnered with over 700 fashionable shops to give us the best shopping experience. Tones of vouchers just waiting to be redeemed.

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