Faux Animal Skulls- Interior Design Trends

 Modern Interior Design- Getting Inspired for my Home

This post is a bit different than all the others because I will introduce you a very talented designer I accidentally found on Etsy.

As I told you in an older post, I started  looking for different things, inspirational pictures, objects and trends so I can virtually sketch how I wanted my home to be.  As I was looking for some bathroom ideas, I stumbled upon this picture.

animal skull bathroom idea

I loved the idea of having a skull in the bathroom or maybe bedroom, but I wanted it to be faux, made of resin for example. So I went on searching for something similar when I found Julia’s work on Etsy.

And because I didn’t want to keep the info for myself, I asked her for a short interview so you would get to know her better.


“Hodi Home Decor came to light from a passion for painting and home styling” says Julia
My career, in the arts, helped me develop the skill of choosing the correct colour and where they suit best.
I studied advertising right out of High School and got in the industry working in various agencies in the US and Australia.
After having my daughter, I wanted to be a stay home parent.
My creative urge resurfaced after Angela was nearly two and a new business developed from ceramics.
Back then, my studio was a busy, ceramic melting pot of many whimsical figurines.
Victorian cherubs and European Father Christmas figurines were poured, fired and handpainted.
My daughter grew up seeing her Mum with a permanent paint brush ‘glued’ to her hand!

That business continued for 18 years and highlights from it were purchases from high profile Hollywood celebrities.


1. Where did you first get your inspiration for these designs?

I began Hodi Home after seeing faux taxidermy heads displayed in an interior design magazine in Australia. I wanted to develop a unique range of the faux taxidermy and other quirky homeware items in custom colours for my Etsy clients.
2. Are you an interior designer or would you like to be?

No I have no qualifications as an interior designer. My background started in advertising.
3.When it comes to trends, do people love more minimalist styles or do they prefer many embellishments?

Certainly a minimal style finish is what clients want. Clean whites and blacks, fresh pops of turquoise, pinks and yellows are the popular request I receive. Lifelike colours in taxidermy and sculpture is left back in the Imperial Victorian days!
4.How would you describe your home?

My home is minimal, neutral walls and modern with bright pops of bold colour in chairs.

designer dining room

designer dining room

interior design

Julia’s Studio

interior design

5. Talking about your designs, which is your favorite piece of all time?

I love working on something different requested by a client. The hard part, for an artist, is monotony so when a challenge comes in for an exclusive ooak request – I’m excited!
6. Ever designed upon request a custom-made piece and wanted to keep it? What was it?

My favourite item from Hodi Home are the Toro skulls and I do display one on my wall at the moment.

home deco bull skull embellished bull skull gold skull wall hang
7. Which is your next step for this business?

This year will be Hodi’s 4th year on Etsy. Regularly through the year I bring out new decor accessories and delete others. There is always change to what people want and I keep constantly abreast of what is trending in the homewares world.
I work the studio myself and pack every order as well. I don’t employ others to help as I’m too particular and only trust myself with it. Hodi caters for a niche market and I prefer to keep it personable and one of a kind.
8. A tip for our readers that want to redecorate their house.

Sources for decorating ideas are plentiful through magazines and Pinterest. If you have a blank canvas for a room, start first with choosing a wall colour and go from there.

I love her vision and I think her designs could be integrated in so many different interior design styles.

Check out her Etsy store and be amazed of all the beautiful things that might just make your home one of a kind.

Did you get inspired? I sure did!



animal skull faux home deco


horse lamp

gold deer home decor

gold deer home decor

faux taxidermy rabbit

french bulldog home deco

home deco doggy


cute little dog home deco

All these designs and many more are available on Etsy

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