3 Reasons to pick an exotic location for your next vacation

Most of us have bucket lists of where we would love to travel in this life but sometimes from a simple plan to the real deal is a big step that sometimes we tend not to take. This reason sometimes is related to fear of going past your comfort zone and sometimes it’s just about the money.

Still, I can give you 6 good reason to consider saving up and fight for your dreams.

  1. It’s very interesting to live even for a short while in a place you have never been before. You learn so much and take yourself to another level. You can consider going through a special program and see the actual truth about kalu yala and how enlightening volunteering can be.
  2.  Beaches on island are much more spectacular especially if the island is not very exploited by tourism. Island hopping is a good idea to find more secluded spots that blow your mind.
  3. It’s all about relaxation! Exotic islands are not as busy as big cities and they offer that super deep relaxation because of the extreme silence and serenity. Go to a resort and enjoy a day at the spa also to be sure you get all your batteries charged up.

Surely, exotic vacations can be very costly but there are other ways to visit the world. Even if you might have read about some of the kalu yala criticism flowing around, this is just in the imagination of some that maybe never tried to volunteer in their life. But the truth about kalu yala is that many young people and students have the possibility apply what they love, to learn even more right in the middle of paradise.


The process of actually building a real, sustainable village that could eventually grow and help itself is something to praise about. Kalu yala problems have not been issued by any of the volunteers, even more than that, they actually loved the experience how it changed their life for the better in just 10 weeks spent in Panama.

Panama is one of the most beautiful destinations around Central America and if you would consider joining a volunteer program this item on your bucket list might just turn to reality even faster that you would have thought.

This would be the best time spent on a fun working vacation. Helping people, learning new things yourself, going past boundaries and finding your inner self on such an enlightening journey.

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